Crusonia Conversations

Feedback on Food: How Data is
Enabling the Evolution of the Food System

Wednesday, Dec 15, 2021 at 12:00 PM CT — Live on Zoom

Agriculture right now is quickly evolving to focus more on data collection and analysis at every step of the supply chain from growing to packing, selling, and shipping. There's a number of data points out there indicating that this trend won't be slowing down anytime soon. From farmers leveraging IoT devices to enhance their precision agriculture practices, to distributors leveraging data to reduce waste and improve food safety, there is a lot that data can tell us about our food every step of the way. As consumers become more interested in food traceability and the origin story behind the food they buy, there will be greater incentives to make this information more available at the point of purchase as well. 

Our next Crusonia Conversation, Feedback on Food: How Data is Enabling the Evolution of the Food System will focus on the technology and data being collected across our food ecosystems, and how that information is used today as well as where the industry is headed as emerging technologies are adopted and it becomes easier to collect, analyze, and distribute this information every step of the way.


Matthew Colvin

Director of Logistics, Tree Top



Rob Dongoski

Partner, Food & Agribusiness Leader, EY


Dan Maycock

Principal (Data Engineering) & Co-Founder, Loftus Labs


Eric Weaver

CEO, Transparent Path


Paul Noglows

Executive Director, Crusonia